Right ‘the Neighbourhood Watch no.6’ is the last of this year (and for a little while). If you haven’t been before the format of the evening is very simple: It’s an open submission film night, anyone can submit a film, it has to be a short film, we play the films without watching them first and if I haven’t mentioned already, anyone can submit a film!
(see rules and information)
This is our final ‘NW’ for 2011 and we have a special treat to round it up:

We will be screening ‘Townies’ a feature comedy by local boy Mark Locke. A super funny, super real half hour comedy about thirtysomething guys on a Friday night in their dull home town.


We will be screening our very own documentary on Ian Anderson, founder of the Designers Republic.
The documentary is still in production, but we’re so excited we want to show people what we have so far.
Produced by the Neighbourhood (that’s us!), Directed by Jon Lees of LCM Digital.
It’s only teaser but I’m sure you will enjoy it none the less.

Looking forward to seeing you at VIVID next Wednesday for drinks and popcorn fun times!

Matt + Nicola


The Neighbourhood Watch #6 is just around the corner, and it is with a mixed sense of regret and pride that we’re announcing, for the time being, that it shall be the last one.

The Neighbourhood Watch #6
The normal rules apply and we’re determined to end on a high, so we’re demanding everyone who has ever thought about it but never quite got round to it, dreamt of making and screening a film, and to all our long-standing regular contributors to pull out all of the stops and submit an absolute smasher of a short film.

It’s on the 30th of November. We’ll be kicking off at 7, and showing films until there are no films left in the city of Birmingham to show.

So, see you at Vivid?

With October here and Halloween close enough to the planned Neighbourhood Watch date for us to get overly excited about it, we’ve decided to make the next short film night a spooky special.

We’ll still be accepting all shorts submitted so long as they get close enough to our guidelines, but we’ll be rewarding those who bring/make something scary with some fantastic prizes (purchased from our nearest pound shop).

We’ve already had a wealth of interest and promise from some of our regulars that they’ll be making some horrors especially for us, and with that in mind, register quickly as spaces are filling as quickly as pâtissier can peddle freshly baked panettone.

It’s on the 26th of October, at the same time as a whole host of other fantastic happenings around Birmingham, a lot of which have been rounded up by the dapper chaps at 7 Inch Cinema, and well worth a look.

We’ll see you at Vivid on the 26th though, for sure.

Right, firstly, sorry! It’s been ages since we updated and it’s unacceptable. But people get busy and we don’t wish to dwell so, onto the positives.

The third Neighbourhood Watch on August 31st was without a doubt a massive success. We owe it to the incredible diversity of the night which included a world premiere, a book reading and an incredible live audiovisual jam by Diura. As always, a mega-thanks to all who contributed.

Given the huge success of all of these additions, we’re very glad to throw the floor open to contributors’ suggestions for readings/live accompaniments etc. alongside their films at future events. Obviously, the standard rules apply, but to anyone keen to get involved, drop us a line at contact@theneighbourhood.org. The next one is on the 28th of September, and the submission floodgates are now open!

In just under 2 weeks, your televisual taste-buds will be titillated by our open-mic short films (which, might we add have been flying in) and an unmissable live-event. We’ve lined up a feast of foreign-captured footage set to live music by the stonking Diùra. This one’s for everyone out there who, like us, didn’t quite manage to get out of this country during these summer holidays.

As always, submit your shorts through this channel, say you’ll attend on facebook, and come along on August the 31st!

7pm. £2 in. Vivid, Heath Mill Lane.

Thanks, firstly, to all who came to the second The Neighbourhood Watch last night. Here is a photo. We tried to take some of you all enjoying the films but they were just too grainy for us to ever admit to taking. Next time, eh?

The great news is that due to the success of the first two film nights Vivid have invited us to continue to produce The Neighbourhood Watch until at least November, (an extra 3 months). This means there will be plenty of chance to show your shorts off, enjoy some spectacular features from wherever in the world we find them and for us to finally justify buying a popcorn machine.

We’ve added a section to our top-banner with the rules, which we’ll update with our back-catalogue when we’ve had a little more sleep.

The next one is on the 31st of August. Register now: We’ve already filled 3 slots!

What’s black and white and stars 14 Hollywood leading lads and ladies? It’s our feature for next weeks The Neighbourhood Watch (Vivid, Wednesday, 7.00pm).

14 Actors Acting, commissioned by The New York Times is exactly what it says it is. This glorious series of studies sees actors doing what they do best and will top the night after our blind-screened shorts.

Of course, that’s not all – it never is with us – and the second of what we’re calling our featurettes for the night comes courtesy of Martin Hampton in the form of Possessed, a spectacular exploration of hoarding. It’s both beautifully shot and incredibly moving.

So, for £2 you get short films, long films, some popcorn and a drink.

We’ll see you there.